Monday, October 11, 2010

Grace Abounds

(This message is in conjunction with Romans 6) Grace. A word used numerous times in the Christian faith; some for good and some for bad. But, do we as Christians understand what the true meaning of grace is and how it applies to our life? Do we understand that we did nothing to deserve grace, and will never earn the perfect grace that is from God himself? Do we still live in sin because grace abounds? How can we claim to be dead to sin yet still live in and from it? Christ died a horrible death on a cross, taking our sin and shame. The sin He took was buried, and He rose again- a new life free from sin. Our sin has been buried. It is absent. If we honestly believe this then why do we still live in the sin of the past and present? We need to wake up and walk in the newness of life to which Christ has compelled us to walk. Lay every weight and distraction aside and fully rely and focus on God; not the things that held us back before. Mold our eyes, hope, and will to the mold of Christ himself. We don't live in the death that is sin anymore. We can separate ourselves from the damnation that we once had. We can walk in the new life with Christ, fully dead to sin and fully alive to Him. We can run the race the God has placed before us with endurance and perseverance; not because of my strength but only through the unmerited grace of God. Let us look to Jesus-- the Author and Perfecter of our faith. For our God is a consuming fire. God, our desire is to be what you want. Our hearts are in agony because we loosely use the term grace. Father, your word tells us that it is nothing that we can do, but you alone. We want you Lord. We worship you because You are worthy. We love you.