Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Here

Sometimes, you love someone. You will do anything for that person, even give up things you love. But, are you even willing to tell that person that you love them? You feel as though you cannot tell them, all while it's eating your insides away. The feeling of rejection overtakes you. You are so scared of being rejected by her, that it overcomes you. Why must I be so scared to tell her? Are my insecurities hiding my feelings? I want to run from those feelings of love. I must hide them away within a dark, forgotten room. Hide them where no one will find them. But deep inside that hidden room, those feelings thrive off of my insecurities. They live off my false hopes. They live off my dying dreams. Why must I be so scared to tell her? I can't hold this in forever. When will she she that I love her? When will she see my agony? When will she realize that her lover, whom see seeks so passionately for, is waiting on her right beside her? When will she see that I am here for her and I will do anything for her? WHEN? I am here. And I am not leaving.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Pit Stops"

It has been a while since my last blog update and I was really craving some writing today. So, here I go about one of my favorite topics: love. I know it's one of those topics that a lot of 6th grade girls enjoy talking about, but, I digress. What does love mean to you? Seriously, I want to know. To me love is not just a word. Love is a continuing walk, a dim-lit path in which we, as humans, search for the meaning of the word. Love implies a searching, a seeking of Christ. We walk our entire adult lives in a search for one person that we will spend our lives with. Some stops along the way were mere 'pit stops' in a path to our end goal: our 'true' love. Wow, 'pit stops' is a very harsh way to put my previous relationships-- but let me explain. On a long trip what is a pit stop good for? Why stop? To refuel. It is the exact same way with our relationships. When we search so hard for the one we want and realize that he or she isn't the one-- we move on; knowing that God has someone in store for us. Yeah, it will hurt. It will hurt more than anything you will ever go through. But more importantly, we need 'pit stops' to refocus on what it is that God wants, to allow Him to show you that he or she is not "the one"-- or maybe even show you that he or she is. These 'stops' in our search allow us to question the motives behind the relationship. "God, is she the ONE?"He may say yes or no-- or He may not say anything at all. That is when you delve into His word and seek Him first. By doing that, God can reveal more than you could ever imagine (Eph. 4:20), not only about yourself, but also about the one you love. God has already shown you everything you need to know in His word-- we just need to find it and apply it. Applying it is the hard part. So many times we become infatuated with someone so much that we let that infatuation blind the eyes of truth. "But God, she seems perfect for me. She is amazing, and I love her." A phrase that has pierced my lips throughout my entire life. But when will I realize that it is God that orchestrates everything: not me? When will I realize that she belongs to God and not me? Sometimes we have to give up the one that we love so that God can work unhindered in her heart and mine-- and that is the hardest thing to realize when you are in love with someone. As guys we are very proud of "our" girlfriends. "Look how pretty mine is." "Look how awesome mine is." It is like a battle of who has the better girlfriend, and it angers me. And I have taken part in these demeaning conversations. Are we ever going to realize that she belongs to God? Her heart, her soul, her body- all belong to Him. And yet we try to take ownership over her. God has blessed me with relationships that have all ended up to this point-- I know, I am a loser. So what? But in EVERY one of those relationships I have walked out a better man of God, because He revealed things to me. So the question is, "How will I know that she is 'the one?' I cannot answer the question because I have never had the feeling. But I honestly believe that God will let you know. I continue to walk the path; the path in which love lies in conjunction with life and the will of God. I set my eyes on Him and I press on (Hebrews 12:1). So I encourage you lovers out there to seek God in the midst of your relationships. Seek Him first and foremost and He will bless you. And remember that she belongs to God, not you. Peace and love you guys. PS If you read this, leave a comment. I would love to know that someone actually reads these! haha!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Grace Abounds

(This message is in conjunction with Romans 6) Grace. A word used numerous times in the Christian faith; some for good and some for bad. But, do we as Christians understand what the true meaning of grace is and how it applies to our life? Do we understand that we did nothing to deserve grace, and will never earn the perfect grace that is from God himself? Do we still live in sin because grace abounds? How can we claim to be dead to sin yet still live in and from it? Christ died a horrible death on a cross, taking our sin and shame. The sin He took was buried, and He rose again- a new life free from sin. Our sin has been buried. It is absent. If we honestly believe this then why do we still live in the sin of the past and present? We need to wake up and walk in the newness of life to which Christ has compelled us to walk. Lay every weight and distraction aside and fully rely and focus on God; not the things that held us back before. Mold our eyes, hope, and will to the mold of Christ himself. We don't live in the death that is sin anymore. We can separate ourselves from the damnation that we once had. We can walk in the new life with Christ, fully dead to sin and fully alive to Him. We can run the race the God has placed before us with endurance and perseverance; not because of my strength but only through the unmerited grace of God. Let us look to Jesus-- the Author and Perfecter of our faith. For our God is a consuming fire. God, our desire is to be what you want. Our hearts are in agony because we loosely use the term grace. Father, your word tells us that it is nothing that we can do, but you alone. We want you Lord. We worship you because You are worthy. We love you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Band?

So me and a good friend of mine are thinking of starting a band. We are looking for a unique sound with different variations of songs. We plan on starting it up soon. So go on my Facebook and look at our video of our new single, "Clutched Resolution." You wont be disappointed. Thanks

Thursday, September 23, 2010

U.S. Government

If you are friends with me on Facebook than you will know what this is about. It just perturbs me that some people never, ever show interest in politics but when it directs something they are passionate about they go INSANE. This really strikes my fancy. I do not get it at all. Everyone needs to be passionate about where our country stands right now. You cant be apathetic on some issues but vibrant on others. You have to be fully dedicated for what this country stands for-- even if you disagree with others on small things (or even big things).When it comes to an act being passed in Congress that someone wants, some people go ballistic when it does not pass. Especially when they don't even care to know where our country is right now financially-- TRILLIONS of dollars of debt. So, would it be wise to pass a bill right now that costs 200 million dollars? Excuse my French but, HELL NO. People want something so bad that they forget to look at what's going to happen if a bill such as this would pass. Now I am not saying that this bill is bad, but I am saying that this is not what our country needs right now. (Even though parts of this DREAM Act I disagree with completely.) So people, show interest in your government before you start freaking out over one bill. I mean this bill is the LEAST of Americas problems right now. We just passed a health care bill that is going to further our debt even more. We cant control our own stinking borders. And you're trying to tell me that we need to fund illegal immigrants' children to go to college? Please say this is a joke. We need to focus on getting in the positive again and losing some of our debt. How is this possible? LESS GOVERNMENT SPENDING!!! Not signing a 200 million dollar bill. So, Congress I commend you on your failure to pass this recent act. Let's re-examine this bill when our debt is substantially smaller than it is now. Thats my U.S. government soapbox for the day. And remember, each person is entitled to his or her own opinion. Even if it is an ignorant one.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Thing Called Love

Love is one of those topics. And everyone just enjoys talking about it. I know. I know. Don't tell me. Well this post is just about that: love. Love can branch off in many areas, but I want to stick to one love. The love you feel for a person that you want to spend your life with. I have felt that love once. I was in that place. That place turned into a dark, cold, and lonely room. A room that, in the distance, became a lost memory. When you feel that love for someone it is hard to let them go. Hard to give up. It seemed like I would be empty forever, aimlessly searching for something to love. I came up short time and time again. Over and over I fell for things that bring a false, dying love. Until I found Him. God's love does not run dry. His love is enough. A new found satisfaction in Him brought me that love which I searched so vigorously for. I give Him my whole heart and nothing less. As my pursuit of God continues, I know God will bring me a woman whose hope is found in Christ alone. Hand in hand we can walk, continually glorifying our God and Saviour. So closing I want to say, seek God first, and His kingdom will be added to you. God will bring you that someone, and when He does you WILL KNOW. She will brighten your world. She will bring the best out of you. Through the tough and through the easy, she will be by your side. Be patient my friends, God will be faithful. He will provide. Seek him first.

Monday, May 10, 2010


So. I am supposed to be studying right now but I wanted to take a break and blog a little. So. Don't judge. I was thinking today a lot about how we learn things in life that we would probably never learned if we would not have asked. Like last night for instance, I learned stuff that I would probably never have learned if I would not have asked. Thanks to Laura Welch and Hannah Richardson. You know what I discuss. As I thought about life and my relationship with Christ, I thought about how we learn things by making mistakes. I have made many mistakes in my life. I learned from every one I have ever made. But, the sad fact of the matter is that many of those mistakes were because I failed to ASK God. I thought of a verse."And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it" (John 14:13-14). All we have to do is ask Christ for guidance. He will guide you in EVERYTHING! Be encouraged, and good luck on finals! Love Y'all. God bless.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happiness or True Satisfaction?

It's funny to think about happiness in life and where we as humans try to find it. Whether it be in television, sports, sex, alcohol, money, etc. I often find myself seeking for pleasure with my guitar and my music. When I look at myself, I see a internal struggle between happiness and satisfaction. I find myself "happy" when I play my music for MYSELF. But, the question lies deeper than what it seems. Though I am happy I fail to obtain true satisfaction. People may wonder, "How is this possible?" It's something I wonder myself. How can I find myself happy, yet not satisfied? How can I find myself seeking for joy, when I believe I already have it?
The answer is hidden in His revelation. I have failed many times in life. I have 'missed the mark.' I have searched for true satisfaction in many external things: smoking, drinking, etc. When I used to get drunk, I would be externally happy. I just KNEW that the feeling I was having was true happiness. But, I would would wake up the next morning with a void in my heart, and a lack of satisfaction. Where was my satisfaction? Where was my joy? The elementary answer is clearly this: it was absent. I asked, "How and where could I find true satisfaction?"

I asked myself the same question every morning I woke up. My life was full of happiness, but it was clearly lacking true satisfaction. I HAD to find true satisfaction. It's the old phrase that I began to ponder-- "Find your satisfaction in Christ." My whole life I THOUGHT I had been finding satisfaction in Him, but it clearly wasn't working. I had to change something. So I opened up my Bible. Maybe that would work. Hebrews 13:5 "Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you." This verse spoke to me. So many times we try to find contentment in carnal things, but God will NEVER leave you. He will not pass away as the leaves and grass. He is steadfast in His love. He abides in me. So as the first blog I have ever written, I want to encourage you to find your true satisfaction and contentment in Him. God bless.