Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Thing Called Love

Love is one of those topics. And everyone just enjoys talking about it. I know. I know. Don't tell me. Well this post is just about that: love. Love can branch off in many areas, but I want to stick to one love. The love you feel for a person that you want to spend your life with. I have felt that love once. I was in that place. That place turned into a dark, cold, and lonely room. A room that, in the distance, became a lost memory. When you feel that love for someone it is hard to let them go. Hard to give up. It seemed like I would be empty forever, aimlessly searching for something to love. I came up short time and time again. Over and over I fell for things that bring a false, dying love. Until I found Him. God's love does not run dry. His love is enough. A new found satisfaction in Him brought me that love which I searched so vigorously for. I give Him my whole heart and nothing less. As my pursuit of God continues, I know God will bring me a woman whose hope is found in Christ alone. Hand in hand we can walk, continually glorifying our God and Saviour. So closing I want to say, seek God first, and His kingdom will be added to you. God will bring you that someone, and when He does you WILL KNOW. She will brighten your world. She will bring the best out of you. Through the tough and through the easy, she will be by your side. Be patient my friends, God will be faithful. He will provide. Seek him first.

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