Thursday, September 23, 2010

U.S. Government

If you are friends with me on Facebook than you will know what this is about. It just perturbs me that some people never, ever show interest in politics but when it directs something they are passionate about they go INSANE. This really strikes my fancy. I do not get it at all. Everyone needs to be passionate about where our country stands right now. You cant be apathetic on some issues but vibrant on others. You have to be fully dedicated for what this country stands for-- even if you disagree with others on small things (or even big things).When it comes to an act being passed in Congress that someone wants, some people go ballistic when it does not pass. Especially when they don't even care to know where our country is right now financially-- TRILLIONS of dollars of debt. So, would it be wise to pass a bill right now that costs 200 million dollars? Excuse my French but, HELL NO. People want something so bad that they forget to look at what's going to happen if a bill such as this would pass. Now I am not saying that this bill is bad, but I am saying that this is not what our country needs right now. (Even though parts of this DREAM Act I disagree with completely.) So people, show interest in your government before you start freaking out over one bill. I mean this bill is the LEAST of Americas problems right now. We just passed a health care bill that is going to further our debt even more. We cant control our own stinking borders. And you're trying to tell me that we need to fund illegal immigrants' children to go to college? Please say this is a joke. We need to focus on getting in the positive again and losing some of our debt. How is this possible? LESS GOVERNMENT SPENDING!!! Not signing a 200 million dollar bill. So, Congress I commend you on your failure to pass this recent act. Let's re-examine this bill when our debt is substantially smaller than it is now. Thats my U.S. government soapbox for the day. And remember, each person is entitled to his or her own opinion. Even if it is an ignorant one.

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