Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Here

Sometimes, you love someone. You will do anything for that person, even give up things you love. But, are you even willing to tell that person that you love them? You feel as though you cannot tell them, all while it's eating your insides away. The feeling of rejection overtakes you. You are so scared of being rejected by her, that it overcomes you. Why must I be so scared to tell her? Are my insecurities hiding my feelings? I want to run from those feelings of love. I must hide them away within a dark, forgotten room. Hide them where no one will find them. But deep inside that hidden room, those feelings thrive off of my insecurities. They live off my false hopes. They live off my dying dreams. Why must I be so scared to tell her? I can't hold this in forever. When will she she that I love her? When will she see my agony? When will she realize that her lover, whom see seeks so passionately for, is waiting on her right beside her? When will she see that I am here for her and I will do anything for her? WHEN? I am here. And I am not leaving.

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