Sunday, January 2, 2011

Philippians 3:14

God is transforming lives. He is opening eyes and strengthening legs of the weak to walk on the path that leads to righteousness, which is Christ. The new year is a year of Christ and the glory to which He will receive. The past is gone. As far as the east is from the west, our transgressions are gone. Our past is not what defines us, rather our Hope that is in Christ. The Hope of all glory is unseen (Rom. 8:24) and in it lies His strength to walk the beaten path. In it lies our courage to stand firm on a path not seen by many. As the New Year is here, my continual prayer for my brothers and sisters in Christ is that we live for the Hope of Glory NOW in our lives. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but TODAY. Nothing in this carnal world matters more than the SURPASSING worth of knowing Christ. I pray that we become like Christ. That we die to ourselves, our selfish emotions, our pitiful fears, our insecurities, our lack of assurance, our feelings,and our heart. But Lord, our heart yearns for You and your will. Lord, we focus on what lies ahead. Burn away the dross Lord, and cleanse from us all our feelings and replace them with the Perfect Love that is in You. We press on to YOUR call Lord. We press on to the YOUR will. We press on; even when we cannot see a foot in front of us. We press on even when we cannot stand on our own. We press on past our feelings. We press on past our wants. We press on to YOUR Glory, Father. We press on to YOUR Heart. Lord, you are a Consuming Fire. Come and fill our Hearts.

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